Workshop: An Introduction to Color Theory

This one day workshop will be an introduction to color theory as it applies to image-making. We will talk about primary, secondary and tertiary colors and how to mix them from a simple palette for a more personal take on color. We will also learn about how light, shadow and atmosphere affect color relationships in a painting. Students will also learn how to use color to create mood and drama and how to create and use clean color choices instead of muddy dull mixes. Students 17 yrs and above.

Class will form if a minimum of three students are registered by October 17, 2019

Class date: Saturday October 19, 2019 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

$125 (Materials not included)

Recommended materials list:

    • Reference Material: Bring small sketches or photographs you have shot yourself. Please do not bring photos that were shot by someone else.
    • Canvases: 2 canvases. Bring canvas of the following size(s) that appeal to you. 8″ x 10″ up to 16″ x 20″
    • Paint: Artist grade acrylic paints:  Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Red Light, Permanent Alizarin, Cobalt Blue, UtramarineBlue, Cobolt Green Deep
    • Brushes:  I have switched to animal-friendly synthetic brushes for all my painting needs. Bring a maximum of 2 each. 
      Princeton Catalyst Polytip Synthetic Bristle Brushes
      Long handled Synthetic flats sizes 4, 6, 10, 12
    • Palette: Glass, plastic or wood palettes are the key to learning to mix color properly
    • Tarp: Tarps to protect the floor can be purchased inexpensively from hardware stores and other venues.
    • Miscellaneous: Wet painting carrier, paper towels, paint scraper, garbage bags, stainless steel leak-proof brush washer, blue painters tape 1inch width, Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic Slow Drying Medium (if you need to slow drying time)
  • About the instructor:  An award-winning, self-taught artist, Armand is a full-time oil & watercolor painter represented by galleries across the United States. Armand has had numerous One-Man Exhibitions and his work is found in notable corporate and private collections around the world.

Class policies: We understand that scheduling conflicts do happen. You may cancel your class for a full refund up to 48 hours before the first class, by phone or in person. No refunds will be issued after this time. 

In case of inclement weather, we will reschedule the class. Please check our Facebook page for updates on class cancellations due to weather.


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