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Tiffany Budzisz

I developed my passion for the arts in early childhood, beginning with painting ceramics at age two in my mother's ceramic studio. I learned about the art of paper sculpture during my studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, and fell in love with the medium of paper. Flora and fauna (real or imagined), nature, and symbolism are subjects I find fascinating and often explore in my work. The beauty of the natural world is often found in the details. My goal is to inspire the viewer to slow down and appreciate the intricacies found in life (and art), that are often overlooked in our busy, everyday lives.

Tiffany creates her paper sculptures by cutting intricate shapes from archival paper with a utility knife. She curves the individual cut shapes with a dowel, then glues the pieces together between layers of foam core to create dimensional works of art. While this may seem tedious to some, the process of cutting, shaping, and creating are moments of pure happiness for her.