Tony De Masi

As a wood turner, all of my art is created by means of a wood lathe. The lathe spins the piece of wood and then it’s up to me to get my vision from my mind, through my hands, and onto the wood. My work focuses on utilitarian and artistic pieces. I appreciate knowing that someone will use or purely enjoy one of my pieces in their everyday lives, and in their homes. Special care is taken in selecting the trees that I use for my art. The woods I use come from dead trees, damaged trees, lumber yards, and occasionally from a homeowner or municipality. I only offer woods that have character to them. I do not shy away from wood that has voids or bark inclusions, because to me, they just add to the personality of each piece. I find a certain calmness about wood turning. The act of creating art from a piece of a tree is very fascinating to me.

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