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Our Story

Once upon a time, two artists had a dream to create an art gallery. Art in the Valley was born in 2017, a partnership between married artists Michael and Tiffany Budzisz. Originally a brick-and-mortar gallery in Tiffany’s hometown in Virginia, a move to Pennsylvania shifted the gallery into an online shop.

Art in the Valley serves as a showcase for both artists. Michael’s work is influenced by classical antiquity and paintings from the Baroque period. His compositions combine allegory and natural forms that reflect his love of the arts. He is an accomplished portrait artist and equestrian artist. His two main passions for mediums are charcoal and oil paint. He also likes to explore the medium of digital art as a professional illustrator.

Flora and fauna (real or imagined), nature, and symbolism are subjects Tiffany likes to explore in her work. The beauty of the natural world is often found in the details. Her intricate, hand-cut paper sculptures inspire the viewer to slow down and appreciate the details in life.

Michael and Tiffany have very different styles, but their passion for art and mastery of their mediums shows in each piece they create. Their goal is to inspire and connect with others through their artwork.

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